T H E   D E S I G N E R


Hello, I'm Lisa Hsieh. I'm the designer and owner of Mien.
Right now, Mien is a one-woman-show. I design each and every style in my collection and work hand-in-hand with the best artisans in Los Angeles to cut and sew my designs. I handle the website design, graphic design, social media, product listing photography, marketing and everything else in between. When you place an order, I am also the one that packs, ships and answers any questions for every single order. I appreciate every purchase that comes through, whether here on Mien's website or in person at one of the craft fairs I vend at.
You help make all of this possible.

When I launched this clothing line in 2015, I was also expecting my first child.  Running around Los Angeles to take my designs from sample to production while heavily pregnant is an experience I'll never forget. Soon after I delivered my son Greysen, I tried to run my brand new business and take care of my newborn at the same time. It was a daunting challenge every day so I decided to take a year off and dedicate my time to taking care of my baby. Fast forward one year, my little boy is a toddler so I'm now drawing inspiration from my new life as a busy mom for the next chapter of my business.

Like all other mothers, I look for clothes that are easy to care for, comfortable, beautiful and well-made for myself and my child. For the past year, I diligently gathered feedback and requests from family and friends, some who are also mothers, on what they would love to find on the market when it comes to clothes. I already have an amazing team of local fabric mills, pattern makers and sewers behind me. Combine that with the confidence and support from my circle of customers like you and my family and friends, I'm adding children's wear to Mien. I will soon be offering simple, comfortable silhouettes in a sophisticated color palette for you and kiddo. I want Mien to be the place where you can purchase heirloom quality, lovely clothes for your little ones while picking up equally beautiful pieces for yourself as well. Because let's face it, we don't have time to visit multiple websites and sift through hundreds of styles trying to find what we're looking for. We also want clothes that are thoughtfully made, timeless and in easy to wear colorways so mama and baby can quickly put themselves together in the morning and get started on their day.

At the moment, I am running around Los Angeles again meeting with my pattern makers and sewers having the samples perfected. This process is the most laborious and time consuming, but also the most exciting in the design process.  I can't wait to share with you what I have been working on. With the new collection and the addition of children's wear, I am changing the course of my business a bit. This means letting go of my menswear collection, which although well received, and I absolutely enjoy working on, the truth is handling three different design categories is simply too much for me to handle right now. What inventory I have left of the menswear collection is now on clearance, so are the remaining pieces from the women's line. Mien doesn't have regular sales so this is your last chance to pick up the styles that you've been eyeing. The next collection will still be made right here in Los Angeles. Having my designs manufactured here in California comes at a cost but this ensures that my small business is helping local workers earn a living wage in a clean and safe working environment and that's important to me. California has also one of the most stringent environmental protection guidelines for manufacturers in the country so the extra bit of money we all spend to buy Made in USA is well worth it, not just for our local communities but for our future generations as well.

 So while I am fully immersed in the best part of the design development process at the moment, I invite you to please follow my journey on Mien's Instagram @mienstudios. I am thrilled to have you along for the ride. My ears and heart are open for any feedback or suggestions you may have.
Thank you for being here from the start.

xx Lisa