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Hello, I'm Lisa Hsieh, the designer of Mien.

Mien is a growing small business and for now, I still do almost everything myself. I handle the website design, graphic design, social media, marketing, some photography, and pretty much everything else in between. When you place an order, I am the one that packs, ships and answers any questions. I appreciate every purchase that comes through, whether it's here on Mien's website or in person at one of our popups. You help make all of this possible.

I've been an apparel designer for about thirteen years now. After I graduated University of California, San Diego with a fine art degree, I worked professionally as a designer in the L.A. apparel industry for several premium brands. When I launched this clothing line in 2015, I was expecting my first child. Running around L.A. to take my sketches from sample to production while heavily pregnant was an experience I'll never forget. In a way, my son Grey was there with me from the very beginning. Naturally, he has also become my biggest source of inspiration. 

This line was created not only for the sake of beauty but also with practicality in mind. We are overwhelmed with responsibilities everyday and there is little time for most of us to shop and find what we are looking for in this vast marketplace. With Mien, you and little ones can quickly put yourselves together and feel good about the clothes you wear.

Mien is proudly local made. Working with small factories close by my Long Beach studio means I can be there every step of the way. Keeping the entire design to manufacturing process here in California comes at a cost, but this ensures that my small business is helping local workers earn a fair wage in a clean and safe working environment and that's important to me. California has also one of the most stringent environmental protection guidelines for manufacturers in the country so the extra bit of money we all spend to buy Made in USA is well worth it, not just for our local communities but for our future generations as well. I'd love for you to keep in touch and follow my journey on Mien's Instagram @mienstudios. I am thrilled to have you along for the ride as this line and its community of like-minded women grow. My ears and heart are open for any feedback or suggestions you may have.
Thank you for being here from the start.